Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Addiction

Our activities:

‘SERGELT’, started in 2015, provides in a contact point  for homeless people to work together towards improving living situations and where possible  reintegration into society. We work from a van and remodelled city bus that serves as mobile drop-in centre: an easy accessible and welcoming meeting place where homeless persons can come to any time of the day for a meal, a talk or need for help. With seating area, washing facilities, educational activities and a support group for alcoholics.


We have weekly outreaches to 3 groups (150) of homeless people in Ulaanbaatar.

Provide in some basic needs: hot meal & drinks | wound care | haircuts | second-hand clothing

Practical help: ’Alcohol-free Road' self-support group | family mediation | obtaining healthcare | visit the sick

Bridge to other organisations: information on addiction care | on rotation partnering organisation and nurse present | obtaining identity cards


Visit groups in society (i.a. schools, churches and businesses) to bring the issue of homelessness and our activities to the attention and motivate people to volunteer or contribute in other ways.


FROM 2020


We are preparing the set-up of an after-care program for contacts who have completed a treatment program at one of the cooperating addiction care centres. Our aim is to provide an alcohol-free living environment on shared grounds and to create safe workplaces with fair jobs. We seek partnerships with trusted employers and businesses to form stable and reliable workplaces for participants in our program. Further, we are looking to create employment through starting up small businesses.

Participant will be able to rent a simple and affordable accommodation (gers). There will be assistance in managing personal finances and weekly self-help groups to support staying stable and alcohol free.

  •    ADDICTION PREVENTION & EDUCATION at schools and universities.

Mobile drop-in bus for the homeless Ulaanbaatar
After-care program (2019)

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