Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Addiction


Preparing homeless people after alcohol rehabilitation for a stable return to society.

...suddenly they were on their own again, lacking a healthy community and a reliable, suitable job and place to live could not be found...

To rebuild a life back in society as homeless person is incredibly hard and the help after alcohol rehabilitation is basically 0. Rehab centres are indispensable as a first step towards recovery but offer guests in most cases insufficient preparation and possibilities for a life outside of the centre. Too often we see people after rehabilitation back in society heavily relapsing in their addiction and back on the street. Furthermore, there is not much flow in centres as many guests linger for years as they see no future for themselves outside a center; this in turn reduces the number of new guests being admitted. We believe that many relapses can be prevented with a good preparation trajectory that follows rehabilitation and precedes the return to society. We want to offer this support with the start of a reintegration program: an alcohol-free living community with rental accommodations, work placements through partnering with trusted entrepreneurs and the start-up of small businesses, besides regular training for personal recovery and growth.

Creating a healthy living and working environment, contributing to a faster flow in addiction care centers and offering a healthy perspective on reintegration into society.

would you Support us?

Much is needed to realize these plans (purchase of land, construction costs for living units and workshop) and we need your help! In addition, we lack our own office and garage for the drop-in bus. Until now our bus is parked at a cooperating organization on the outskirts of the city and we use a (too) small office in yet another part of the city. In this way we cannot much longer continue!

EO Metterdaad, a TV broadcasting company from The Netherlands heard our call for help and traveled all the way to Mongolia to film our project to help raise funds to achieve this. Watch the programs here online (still only in Dutch).

We are still far away from this realisation. Would you consider contributing towards our cause to help the homeless addicted people in Ulaanbaatar to a better future?

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