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We have our our land!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Dear Friends of Sergelt Ood, 

In our last update we wrote you about our search for a plot of land to set up our office and a reintegration centre for recovering addicted homeless people. We are happy to tell you that we have our land!

The search for land was long and complicated and at the end we almost wanted to give up and buy land we were actually not too sure about. Then last minute another piece of land turned up for sale, the one that has been reserved for us all the time! It is by far the best, perfectly located, giving us many opportunities and with facilities that perfectly fits our purpose. We are amazed and grateful! The start of the construction work is planned for next week.

A garage will be build for our drop-in bus (on the other side of the big building) and the big building will be renovated. The plan is to move in before winter starts. For next year we hope to be able to work on landscaping and renovating the shop/café building to set up a small business.

The land purchase and this renovation has been made possible through fundraising by EO Metterdaad (who filmed our project in 2019 and broadcasted on the Dutch TV earlier this year) and the generosity of many viewers who donated to our cause. THANK YOU!


In the picture below from left to right is Zolzaya (chairman of the board), next is Enkhtaivan (board), then Amartaivan (new staff), Monkhjargal (new staff), Bat-Itgelt (staff), Otgontsetseg (founder/board), Battsetseg (founder/board), Corrie (founder/board), Gantsetseg (executive director) and Zolzaya's wife with kids. Boardmember Bayasgalan was absent in the picture.

Together we had a celebration at our land, followed by a meal. It is our deep desire that we can be a blessing for the area, and this becomes a place of further restoration and recovery for once homeless, rejected and recovering addicted people who will be established again in their society with a new life purpose and calling.

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