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Dear friends of Sergelt, we are pleased to announce the launch of our local NGO 'Sergelt Ood'

For 5 years we were known as Sergelt Project under the International NGO Good Neighbor Society (GNS).

We are thankful to GNS for the opportunity they gave us to start and develop this project under them, and for being a stepping stone for us to become independent and local. Our aim has always been to work towards Mongolians taking ownership and responsibility for this work themselves. We believe continuing as a local NGO will greatly help in achieving this, as we now have a local board and director.

We are looking forward to what lies ahead of us. We believe with this move new opportunities will open up so that we can support and empower the homeless to an even greater extent. Our goal is for them to take steps out of homelessness and addictions and so to be able to return to society.

The restrictions to prevent a corona outbreak made life for the homeless even harder. They are among the most vulnerable to catch and pass on the virus and are now also shunned even more. Addiction care centres and hospitals are more reluctant to receive homeless people in need. Many recycling points have closed so also less money can be found with collecting bottles.

We thank you very much for your partnership and the support we received from all of you while we were under GNS. New challenges will surely lie ahead of us, and so we hope that you would like to continue being part of our work among the homeless! For this year we have a lot on our agenda: Besides the set-up of our NGO we hope to purchase some land on the edge of the city and start a building project. This will serve for our office facilities as well as living units. These units will be part of a new reintegration project for homeless recovering addicted people in order to prepare them for a stable return to society.

Since end of January gatherings of more than 3 people are forbidden, so we meet our contacts without the comfort of our drop-in bus and in small groups away from the public. We hand out meals and mouth masks and provide wound care on the spot, no privacy of a first-aid tent. We hope this situation will not last much longer...

Thank you for standing with us!

Kind regards,

Corrie van der Esch, on behalf of Sergelt Ood NGO

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