Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness  and Addiction in Mongolia

 Searching the streets of Ulaanbaatar (UB) for homeless people and meeting them where they are...


‘‘SERGELT OOD' is a non-profit and local NGO which functions as a starting and contact point for homeless people to work together towards relief, improvement and change of living situations. ​

With our drop-in bus we provide an easy accessible and hospitable meeting place where people can come to for a meal, a talk, a harcut or need for help.

For 2020 we are making preparations to start-up a reintegration program to support homeless addicted persons after completing alcohol rehabilitation for a stable and independent live back in society.

Meaning Sergelt: restoration, renewal

Homeless in Ulaanbaatar
In Ulaanbaatar, coldest capital of the world an estimated 5.000 people are living on the street

Poverty, unemployment and lack of education is causing many social problems such as depression, alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Together with a lack of adequate social assistance for people to overcome their problems, those overwhelmed by it quickly lose hope and many of the poor end up living on the streets.

Homeless people suffer from wounds, illnesses and harsh living conditions. Many are disillusioned and have little or no expectation they will be able to step out of the cycle of poverty and addiction. They experience social isolation and exclusion due to their appearance, smell and alcohol problems. To survive the harsh climate homeless try to find sleeping places in porches and manholes where the city’s hot water pipes are located to keep warm during the long, bitter winters.

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