Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness  and Addiction in Mongolia

Are you in?

Help us to continue reaching out to the homeless people of Ulaanbaatar!
You can help by promoting our work in your area, organizing a fundrasing event or appeal, or through direct financial donations.

With your financial gift you will be helping to provide acute relief for homeless addicts, while helping them take the necessary steps towards their recovery and full participation in society. Every bit helps to make a difference on the streets!


Click HERE to make a donation through Stichting Assistance International, please specify 'Sergelt Ood Mongolia' (tax deductable in The Netherlands).
Click HERE To make a donation through HADA (tax deductable in Australia)

Thank you very much for your support!

More information:

Maurits Gort (contactperson in the Nederlands) : 06 5374 9647 /

Corrie van der Esch (founder Sergelt Ood in Mongolia) : +976 90727072 /