Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Addiction

Help us to continue our work of reaching out to the homeless of UB!

You can do this by spreading the word about our work & through a financial donation.


GNS and its projects are for 100% dependent on donations from around the world. We are thankful for every financial gift that has been contributed and very grateful for those yet to come! If you are interested to donate to GNS Sergelt Mobile Drop-in Centre there are several ways to make that possible:

All continents (ex. Australia) based donors click HERE.

Australia based donors click HERE to make a (tax deductable) donation through HADA's website.

You can also contact us: +976 90551755

 Thank you so much!
Your support will enable us to:  

*  Help homeless people with medical care
*  Keep our drop-in bus running
*  Cover food expenses
*  Help our contacts to fight their addictions
*  Organise training for addiction and social care workers
*  Work towards follow-up care by means of a community living/work centre
​*  And much more...

Call us

+976 90633063 (Mongoloor)

+976 90551755 (English/Nederlands)


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Find us

Bayanzurkh district

4th Khoroo

Building 111-2 (near Home Plaza and Selenge Hotel)

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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