Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Addiction

Giving care, attention and recognition to the homeless people of Ulaanbaatar and work together with them towards relief, improvement and change..

Within the (limited) range of help available for the homeless, we want to be the missing link so that this neglected group of people can step out of the circle of hopelessness, addiction and exclusion and regain their full place in society again.


Mobile drop-in centrum

With our drop-in bus we visit on a weekly basis groups of (± 150) homeless people at different locations in the city, to offer an easily accessible and hospitable meeting place where they can come to for a meal, a talk or request for help. In this way we act as the first missing link: making contact, building relationships and seeking connections. With our drop-in bus we provide in:

  • BASIS NEEDS (professional first-aid and wound care, washing facility, warm meals, vitamins, haircuts, second-hand clothing and shoes)

  • PRACTICAL HELP (self-help groups, family mediation, obtaining health care and visiting the sick)

  • BUILD BRIDGES to addiction care centers and hospitals


Re-integration program (2020)

We are making preparations to fill in another missing link: Additional help for former homeless people as preparation (after their alcohol rehabilitation) for a stable return and participation in society. See TV Campaign!

Vision & approach

We work according to the Presence Approach, which stands for good care for people in extremely marginalized positions. Presence is aiming at the relational finetuning between the caregiver and receiver, which is also the basis for help and support. We want to be there with and be there for the other person without a focus of ‘a problem must be solved’. In this way the other can feel seen, heard and fully human and together can be looked for what is needed and desirable in a situation. The presence is aimed at finding the most satisfying possible relationship to life - even when that life is stuck.


Cooperating organiZations & providing training

We work together with addiction care centers Betel ('House of Hope'), Help International ('Naidvariin Jim'), Gants Zam-Itgel and Teen Challenge Mongolia, and with the local hospital 'Enerel'.

In collaboration with 'De Hoop' Addiction Care, The Netherlands we provide annual training for (addiction) care and church workers (including presence approach and experience expertise). ‘De Hoop’ also thinks along with us about the set-up of the reintegration program we plan to start.

'Sergelt' is a project of the International NGO Good Neighbor Society in Mongolia (GNS)

GNS was founded in 1993 with headquarters, community centre in gerdistrict Hailaast en since 2015 the 'Sergelt' project in Ulaanbaatar. GNS is a subdevision of HADA Fund Inc., Australia Health and Development Aid Abroad in), our international office.

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+976 90633063 (Mongoloor)

+976 90727072 (English/Nederlands)


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Bayanzurkh district

4th Khoroo

Building 111-2 (near Home Plaza and Selenge Hotel)

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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