Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Addiction

With our mobile drop-in bus we want to provide in an easy accessible and welcoming meeting place for the homeless of Ulaanbaatar, offering various services and activities. Through building caring and attentive relationships, and from that basis we want to work together towards relief, improvement and change of life situations of the homeless.



  •  We want to see homeless people:

        - receive recognition and appreciation

        - find a good relationship to life where nothing can ‘be done' anymore

        - find a new sense of purpose in their lives

        - return and be included in society

  •  Reduction of alcohol addiction

  •  Provide alcohol-free living and work environment with fair jobs (from 2020)

  •  Prevention and education about addiction at schools and universities (from 2020)



We work according to the Presence Approach, which stands for good care for people in extremely marginalized positions. Characteristic of this approach is being there with and being there for the other person without the focus of ‘a problem must be solved’. From this basis there will be room to build up a relationship of trust in which the other person feels seen and heard and fully human. This creates openness and an opportunity for movement in the right direction.


We want to help people see their own strength again and regain confidence in the possibility to fulfil their lives again in a meaningful way.



  •  Organizations we cooperate with are addiction care centres ‘Betel' Mongolia, Help International (‘Naidvariin Jim’), Gants Zam-Itgel, and Teen Challenge Mongolia. Further we cooperate with the local hospital 'Enerel'.



'Sergelt' is a project of the NGO Good Neighbor Society in Mongolia (GNS)

GNS was founded in 1993 and is registered as an international NGO with headquarters, community centre and 'Sergelt' in Ulaanbaatar and a branch in Ulaangom, Uvs province. GNS is a subdivision of HADA Fund Inc., Australia (Health and Development Aid Abroad), which serves as our International Office.

The purpose of GNS is community development through educational, social development and aid relief projects across the country. GNS emphasizes self-support, helping people in a way that enables them to help themselves:

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